Before you make the final choice for hiring a plumber for a routine job like a leaky pipe or installing a toilet, you will want to do the research to find out who is the best plumbing service in the area for your needs. The best plumbers or plumbing companies will be able to perform emergency or routine services as well as do them at fair prices and with guarantees.

It may seem easy to search up a plumber online and hire them from there, but you will need to look at more details than that before you book an appointment with them. Here are our recommendations for choosing the best plumbers in your location for your needs.

Always make sure that the company is licensed. Typically, a company will display their licensing information readily on their website, so it’s easy to find and see for any prospective customers. They should also be fully insured but you might need to call them to find out the details. When you do call them, don’t be afraid to ask if their plumbers are also certified or indentured in the plumbing trade.

Next, you should always read customer reviews. Look for what their clients have said about their work. Look for the services that have a balanced number of reviews. Companies that have too many one star reviews or too many five star reviews should be sussed out more, as both can indicate some fishy behavior.

Discover how long a company has been in the business. The best plumbing companies will have been in service for years. Plumbers or plumbing companies who don’t do a good job won’t be able to stick around for long, and end up closing after a year or two. Be sure that the plumber you are considering has a physical address, not just a P.O. box.

Many legitimate plumbing services will not be able to give you an accurate quote for service until they go to your home and take a look at what needs to be done. But many should be able to give you a general idea of how much a specific job will cost. Call a few companies over the phone and take note of how they answer your questions and concerns.

After that, you can get a better idea of what company you want to work with and what your budget is. You can also find out whether or not they offer emergency services, and what you can expect to pay if you are experiencing an emergency. You should also ask them what guarantee they offer to customers for the work that is done. Will they be returning to a job if problems persist? And will they do so at no extra charge?

Once you take the extra time to complete these simple steps, you will be more likely to locate a reliable plumbing company in your area that will do the best job for what you need from them. They will also be able to take care of it at a fair price while leaving you satisfied with the work completed.