Sewage problems are awful and simply put, nobody wants to deal with them because these problems are gross. In addition to the fact that sewage problems are disgusting, they can also lead to a number of serious issues like mold outbreaks, breathing problems and the spread of diseases.

If you want to prevent sewer damage, it is important that you understand its top four causes, so make sure you consider the following:

Tree Roots

One of the top external causes of problems with your sewer lines is tree roots because they are attracted to the contents found in wastewater. Tree roots grow around your pipes to gain access to these nutrients and create cracks in the process. Whether the cracks are small or large, they are problematic because they can crush or completely fill whole sewer lines. Older sewer pipes were often made of clay which had male and female ends that were pushed together to seal and were not glued together as they are now. The tree roots will grow in between these joints forcing them to spread open causing misalignments in your sewer which will catch debris flowing through. If you do not have trees in your backyard, you can still be affected by this problem because a neighbour’s tree can cause you to experience plumbing problems. Large trees can have roots that grow over 100 feet long.

Physical Obstructions

One of the top internal causes of sewer damage is clogs, so you need to be very mindful of this aspect. Some people treat their toilet as a trash can, and this is very problematic because a toilet cannot handle garbage, toys, cooking grease, diapers, feminine products or paper towels, to name a few examples. Too much toilet paper at one time can also lead to clogs in your sewer pipes, so you need to be careful with physical obstructions. Even dirt, debris and hair can create obstructions in your sewer line, so it’s important to be conscious of what you are flushing down your toilets.


These animals will negatively impact your sewer lines because they can loosen joints and turn small cracks into big ones. They may also use your pipes to nest and multiply and whenever rodents are involved, it is a sign of a big problem and you need to address this issue right away.

Regular Wear And Tear

All pipes will experience general corrosion and sediment built up over time and these can create leaks and blockages. Time will impact your pipes because the movement of natural soil will cause sagging sewer lines and this can become problematic, especially when the low spots lead to repeat blockages, ruptures or leaks. Monitoring your pipes regularly can help, as can regular maintenance, however, sewer pipes will not last forever, so you need to consider their lifespan.

If you ever notice that all of your drains are backing up at once or detect strange sounds or sights when using your toilet, it is likely that you have sewer damage. The same is true if your lawn starts to change or if you notice unpleasant smells as these are obvious signs that you have a problem.

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