Leaks are irksome and can lead to future water problems in the home or developing mould and unwanted growths. Many homeowners tend to neglect water leaks with the belief that the leak will subside, however, this can exacerbate the problem. Protect the most important investment in your life – your home. That’s why it’s critical to have leaks fixed as soon as they’re detected. You may not be able to see the leak, but there are other ways to verify it is a leak, such as a stark rise in your utility bills.

Learn the four most common causes of water leaks in the home to keep you prepared and know what to look for.

1. High Water Pressure

It’s undeniable that strong, hot showers are most homeowner’s favourite morning or nighttime rituals. However, this pushes the water pump to its maximum limit and can cause pipes to expand, break and burst. When this occurs, it can cause flooding and water damage to the home. The most effective way to manage this issue is to cut back slightly on those hot showers, not only to prevent the likelihood of a leak but to conserve water as well. Lower the water pressure and keep an eye on your pipes for any holes that could allow a leak to occur.

2. Gutters

It’s no secret that Edmonton experiences significant rainfall. All that rain can flood gutters with excess waste materials, such as leaves, stones and debris. If gutters become clogged, water is unable to properly divert from your home and can then seep into areas that need to be kept dry. When water flow becomes inhibited, it can lead to foundation damage, flooding in your basement or rotting wood.

3. Water Heaters

If you have a few water heater units in your home, there’s a high chance that there’s a water leak nearby. Water heaters help maintain warmth inside the house, however, if the unit hasn’t been maintained or changed for an extended period of time, the heater can expand and cause a leak. Ensure the water heater’s pressure control is maintained to avoid leakage.

4. Toilets

Leaks can come from behind the toilet. Leaking pipes can deteriorate the bathroom wall foundation and release an unpleasant odour. If a toilet hasn’t been used and the water inside it has stayed for a long period of time, bacteria can develop. If toilet seals are broken, water cannot drain to the proper place. Seals can become damaged or broken over time as appliances age. Look out for water damage from a toilet by checking for stains on the joists in the bathroom or on the ceiling.

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