If you’ve ever wondered whether you can run your furnace without a filter, the answer is no. A filter is a necessary component, and without one, your furnace cannot do its job and will not be able to function properly. Simply put, a filter is critical and your furnace cannot run without one.

All furnaces and heat pumps have filters and this component serves as a barrier to catch dust and debris that comes in through the return duct. This prevents these elements from making it to the blower fan and will protect your furnace while keeping your air clean. Your HVAC system will not recirculate allergens back into the air as a result. There are different types of filters but all warm air furnaces are designed with this component. Some filters are disposable while others can be cleaned and reused, and regardless of the option you choose, all filters must be changed periodically so that they can continue to function effectively and protect your furnace while circulating clean air.

Not only does a furnace need a filter, but it also needs one that is clean; otherwise, it may not work. Dirty filters cannot function properly and can be as problematic as not having a filter at all. Filters are not designed to work indefinitely and failure to change them can cause blockages. This will prevent air from being able to flow properly through your furnace and can cause your unit to shut down when you need it to work the most. You may experience a colder home as a result, along with higher energy costs because your furnace will have to work harder so that air can get through. If you ever notice that your house is not as warm as it should be or that your heating bills are a lot higher than what they normally are, you should go and inspect the filter on your furnace because this can be the reason why.

It is recommended that you change your furnace filter every one to three months so that you don’t run into any problems. Changing your filter after experiencing a problem is too late because, at this point, some damage will be done. During the winter season, you should check on your furnace filter once a month as this is the period where your furnace works the hardest to keep your house warm. This is also true if you have pets. Dog and cat hair will be sucked into the return air ducts and can clog a furnace filter very quickly. Some pets will develop a thicker coat during the winter months and will inevitably shed more. A dirty filter can also aggravate allergies or asthma, so ensuring your filter is clean will not only be better for your furnace and energy costs but also better for the overall health of you and your family. Remove the filter and hold it up to a light to see if any light shines through it. If you see that your filter is still translucent, you can continue using it for a little longer but always change it after the three month period, regardless of its appearance.

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