A jetted tub can be a hefty investment. While it does offer you a spa-like getaway at the end of a hard work day, there are things to consider before you sign that dotted line.

Here is what you should know about owning your very own jetted tub.

Pros of A Jetted Tub

A jetted tub is the symbol of a luxurious bathroom. They’re a great way to get that taste of hotel or spa life in your own home. You will always be moments away from a slice of luxurious relaxation in your warm, jetted tub. If your stress-relief activity of choice is a hot bath at the end of the day, then this makes the investment pretty compelling. In addition, if you have problems with sore muscles, physiotherapy regimen, aching joints, bad circulation or limited flexibility, a jetted tub can help you relieve your pains.

Some Cons of a Jetted Tub

However, a jetted tub can come with other issues. The first being its price tag. A jetted tub can start at a steep price, and easily be over $1,500, without the cost of installation. Even a mid-range jetted tub will be at least $2,000 for the tub and installation costs. Installation can be more tricky since jetted tubs are typically bigger than a normal bathtub, as well as being deeper and heavier. Besides the installation costs, you should also expect your water bills to rise since you will need to fill the jetted tub with more water than usual.

 In addition to the cost, another downside to a jetted tub is the process required to clean it. Unlike a regular bathtub with no hidden nooks or crannies, jetted tubs have jets and air tubes that need to be cleaned out properly on a regular basis. If you decide to invest in a higher end model, it might have a self-clean setting, but in most cases a jetted tub will require you to clean out the air jets and tubes to prevent any growth of mildew or mold.

 It’s important to get the help of a professional when dealing with your plumbing. Most plumbing issues are not DIY projects. As licensed plumbers, we are certified to get the job done right so your bath is secure and safe to use without the risk of flooding and damaging your home.

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