It’s common for your home to feel less comfortable during the winter season because this is when the natural humidity levels drop. Increasing your home’s humidity will provide you with a number of benefits in terms of comfort and health, so if you want to add humidity to your home, the followings information can help:

Add Houseplants

Not only do indoor plants elevate the appearance of a home, but they also help purify the air and add to the humidity level. This means you will have better décor while feeling more comfortable because plants that are properly watered will release vapour from the leaves and stems into the air, which will help with humidity levels. Philodendrons and Chinese evergreens are recommended because they will provide you with the best humidity control.

Boil Water And Cook Using Your Stovetop

This will release steam into the air, which will improve your home’s humidity level. The chances are you boil water for cooking purposes anyway and by using your stovetop instead of your microwave, you will increase your home’s humidity, so make sure you leave the lids off of your pots and pans as this will help release even more moisture.

Hang Dry Your Laundry

It is not always necessary to use your dryer, so try hanging up your laundry inside because all of that moisture will evaporate into the air of your house and you will save money on energy bills because you’ll be reducing your dryer usage. This means you will improve the humidity in your home during the winter and you will spend less, so it’s definitely something you should try.

Use The Steam From Your Shower

Whenever you take a shower or a bath, some steam will be released into the air, so take advantage of this by opening your bathroom door, if you can. You can also keep your shower curtain and door open after you’re done, as this will have the same effect. If you shower with the bathroom door open, you won’t have to use the built-in bathroom fan. These fans are designed to suck the excess moisture from the air to prevent mold and mildew from developing in your bathroom.

Leave Open Containers Of Water Around Your Home

Setting out a pan or vases of water near heating vents will cause that water to slowly evaporate into the air and the warmth from the heating system will help with this process. You can use decorative vases you likely already have to add to your homes décor and can even add vanilla or citrus peels to help create a pleasant odour while you humidify a room.

Maintaining the right humidity levels in your home will help prevent common illnesses like the flu, sore throats and headaches, and will help keep your skin hydrated.

Install a Humidifier in Your Heating System

The safest and best way to add humidity to your home is to have a professional install a humidifier in your heating system. There are many different types of humidifiers available but the 3 main types of HVAC humidifiers are the drum style, the flow-through style and the steam style. These humidifiers are installed directly into your heating/cooling system and are controlled by a humidistat, which reads the level of humidity in your home and activates automatically to main your desired level of humidity.

There are so many benefits to having the proper humidity levels, and Oliver Plumbing & Heating can help in this regard. We specialize in furnace repairs and replacements and offer both commercial and residential plumbing services, so if you are in the Edmonton area, give us a call today!